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Worst-Case Scenario and Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook™ are trademarks of Quirk Productions, Inc. Line drawings from “The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks: Dating & Sex,” © 2002, and “College,” © 2004 by Quirk Productions, Inc. “In these days that are stressful and fraught with harsh times, we need to laugh, release a little steam.

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Better yet, she offers solutions for the challenges that can derail even the luckiest, smartest college student.

Whether you’re trolling for dates at the campus watering hole or dating the same person since the 7th grade, this lecture offers a little something for everyone, touching on dating disasters, bedroom bungles, academic survival, and even stadium riots.

And, Hovering at around a million downloads on i OS and Android, Mystic Messenger must have a hook, something easily relatable, that appeals to amorous women worldwide.

And yet, although it is built for women, Mystic Messenger is not built for what women want as much as it simulates what we begrudgingly deal with.

It's a dating simulator that makes a game out of emotional labour, a type of work that has players fielding others' emotional needs at the expense of their own.