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While one statement does refer to "radical or extreme" views, van der Linden says the survey also tests whether "there should be greater diversity of views in Parliament." Participants are categorized as "co-operators," "guardians," "challengers," "innovators" or "pragmatists." May and others expressed concern that people would be able to vote multiple times, but Monsef's office said measures are in place to prevent manipulation. took appropriate steps to protect the integrity of the initiative," said John O'Leary, Monsef's director of communications.

"That includes people trying to influence the results by participating over and over again.

The survey asks Canadians whether they agree or disagree with statements like, "It should always be clear which party is accountable for decisions made by government, even if this means that decisions are only made by one party" and "There should be parties in Parliament that represent the views of all Canadians, even if some are radical or extreme." Cullen says the framing of the statements seems to discourage change.

"Anything that even approaches change is framed in the most terrifying and scary ways about extremism and fringe," he said.

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