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One of URBhana’s life-coaching clients and now collaborators, Kelly Morton Davies, has joined the URBhana team to amplify our life coaching and personal development programs, and add more success stories like hers. Artwork for sale and the exhibit is open to the public.

Click the image above to learn more about Kelly and to follow The Naked Executive First Friday, December 2nd. —————————– Beth Meadows is an artist living and working in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her paintings are typically narrative, depicting imaginative and grand scenes with figures in them.

Photographer Molly Harrell invites you to join her for First Friday, at URBhana, 115 Gay St, Knoxville, TN, to attend her photography show opening “The Nudes”.

This recent collection of nudes, photographed over a period of several months, will be on display thru October 31.

Wine, Music, and Art from pm – pm “Make Haste Slowly”, is an experimentation in natural light and the way it manipulates an image.